Side winds, uneven road surfaces or sudden evasive manoeuvres are among the risks to be feared when towing. Because the inherent dynamics of the trailer can quickly lead to rolling and pitching, and can start the car and caravan snaking. Now iDC (Intelligent Drive Control) from BPW heralds the arrival of innovative electronics in the field of caravan braking systems. The benefit to you is a significant bonus in terms of safety. With iDC, our engineers have developed an intelligent emergency system for single and tandem-axle trailers, which sets new standards in terms of safety and ride quality. In a similar way to the ESP system for cars, iDC gets the trailer immediately back on track in the event of critical lateral accelerations. The trick is that the braking is not controlled by the car but directly by the iDC, which is located immediately on the trailer‘s overrun hitch. In this way the towing vehicle and trailer are completely automatically stabilised.
The benefit to you is that iDC detects dangerous situations in good time and automatically intervenes before a tricky situation can arise.

The way iDC operates is as clever as it is simple. A sensor attached to the axle continuously registers the tiniest lateral accelerations and sends the signals to the control unit of the iDC. This is located inside a sturdy housing on the overrun hitch. The overrun hitch and the iDC together form what is known as the Safety Brake Unit.

If the oscillations do not decay of their own accord, the trailer‘s braking system is gently activated by means of the electric motor of the iDC control unit. The trailer is automatically drawn back on track in seconds, as if on an imaginary rail. The driver notices practically nothing of the entire process.

Sensor for greater safety:
The sensors of the iDC system continuously measure the lateral accelerations immediately on the trailer axle.

Automatic anti-snaking:
The intelligent iDC system immediately detects any risk of snaking and automatically and gently applies the trailer‘s brakes.

Course correction in seconds:
The gentle braking pulls the trailer back on track within seconds.

What’s more, iDC offers further convincing safety functions:

* Suitable for single-axle and tandem-axle trailers

* Retrofittable to all BPW chassis with ZAF-2 overrun hitch

* Suitable for torsion bar, rubber suspension,
trailing and semi-trailing-arm axles

* For caravans up to 2,800 kg maximum laden weight

* High-tech plastic housing for the control unit

* Maintenance-free

* Weight: approx. 6 kg

BPW – on your travels with the quality factor
With iDC you are choosing not only greater safety but also tried and tested running gear technology with the proverbial „quality factor“. What do you get out of it? Innovative solutions and products that are thoroughly tested in comprehensive trials on the road and the testing ground and are manufactured to an uncompromisingly high quality.
IDC - Easy Retrofitting
The Intelligent Drive Control sstem from BPW can be easily retrofitted to any BPW chassis in conjunction with the overrun hitch (type ZAF-2). The items supplied include the control unit, wires, attachment components, drilling templates and fitting instructions including checklists.



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