Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 1225 Charger

Dometic IUOU automatic charger 25A 12V

Ultra compact design and lightweight. This automatic battery charger is fast and easy to install. It can charge three batteries simultaneously and can be used all over the world with it's input voltage range of 110 - 230V. Ideal for frequent travellers. Perfect Charge IUOU bettery chargers ensure your batteries are charged 100%. Insufficient recharging, by contrast, will result in sulphate build up and premature aging of the battery.

* Gentle charging of 12V batteries with optimised 6-stage IUOU charging technology
* Simultaneous charging of one battery plus the starter battery
* Compact design
* Sleep mode for quiet charging at half power - ideal at night or in parking spaces with low electrical circuit protection
* Comes standard with a bus interace for smooth integration in existing bus systems

Dimensions: Product Depth 238mm x Height 63mm x Width 179mm

Minimum Order 1

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