Power Inverter 800W

Max 1600w

For drivers, caravaners, campers and tradespeople who need access to a power supply when they are in a remote area, on site or where there is restricted access to a power supply. This 800W (1600W peak) inverter safely converts the vehicles 12V DC battery to a 230V AC power supply. Suitable for powering UK standard appliances of that requires up to 500W. This includes laptops, mobile phones, LCD T'Vs DVD players, coffee makers, cordless power tool chargwers and more.

The inverter comes in an anodized aluminium case with a built in cooling fan to protect against overheating. Compatible with most 12V cars, 4x4's, lorries, and motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes and boats. The invertor works with the vehicle's battery when the engine is either turned on or turned off. 

Please purchase the power that you need based on the continuous output. Peak output will only last a short period of time.

Minimum Order 1
Box Quantity 5