Alko ATC

There are situations which any driver dreads: Even minor avoidance manoeuvres, gusty winds or wind pressure when overtaking trucks or buses can soon cause the caravan to start snaking. In the worst case scenario, the caravan starts to snake and causes an accident. AL-KO offers an anti-snaking system with the ATC, which – similarly to ESP in cars – registers swaying movements on the caravan axle using a lateral acceleration sensor. A tolerance range for permissible lateral movements is stored in the system. If this is exceeded, the system intervenes, before the caravan is able to snake. The Bowden cables tighten causing the brakes to be applied. The vehicle combination is stabilised and is guided back into the lane. The AL-KO Trailer Control brakes gently, but can be noticed by the driver.

You can use AL-KO Trailer Control for all caravans with an AL-KO chassis from a production date of 1998.