Replacement Axles, Hitches & Chassis Members

We are able to supply replacement ALKO/BPW & Knott Axles, hitch assemblies and chassis members.

To identify an ALKO Axle we need the information off the axle plate. On ALKO Axles there is normally a number beginning LE, LEST or CHA / Order Number. If you can, please take a photograph of the axle plate and email that to us. ALKO manufacture axles to order so lead time is usually 3-6 weeks.

To identify a BPW Axle we need the number off the axle plate that starts 46.

To identify an ALKO Hitch Assembly we need the numbers of the hitch plate, the ETI number is useful and normally starts 811. We can also identify the hitch assembly from the axle plate details.

To identify a BPW Hitch Assembly we need the number of the hitch plate that starts 54. or 48.

To identify an ALKO chassis member or A frame member we will require the Vin number and make, model and year of the van.

There is a separate delivery charge for items delivered directly from ALKO and this will vary depending upon the weight of the goods.