FlyTec FT200 RH Drive H2 X250/ X290 Fiat Ducato

Dometic Flytec FT200A Right Hand Drive

Suitable for Fiat Ducato X250 / X290 / H2

Single-pleated, high-quality fly screens suitable for sliding doors in the Fiat Ducato Type 250 and vehicles with an identical design. It covers the door completely and includes a magnetic lock.

Being close to nature has one drawback: insects in your mobile living room and bedroom can be a real nuisance. Which makes it best to take simple precautions and add a custom-fitted fly screen to the entrance. They are available now not only for standard doors, but also for the sliding doors featured by vehicles such as Fiat Ducato H2 X250 / X290. All versions are easy to install. They reliably keep those annoying creatures outside while fresh air can still circulate in the vehicle.

Product Dimensions: 1757mm x 1244mm
Product Weight: 5.5KG

No detailed specifications are available for this product.

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