GasBank Slim DUO 5Kg LPG Refillable C/W UK Adaptor

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GasBank Slim DUO 5Kg LPG Refillable C/W UK Adaptor

When it comes to the durability, it even beats carbon fiber, and it takes 10 times more fiberglass to achieve the same material strength. Processing aramid fibers at high speeds is also relatively easy. Last but not least, the fatigue life of Aramid compared to glass fibers is much better. It's not just about the type of fibers, but also about the way they are wound. The fibers are dry processed and remain in place by winding them in special patterns. Thanks to this, the entire cylinder withstands enormous deformations under heavy loads.

Unlike disposable heavy steel bottles, GasBank SLIM Duo has a unique overfill protection valve (OPD), allowing you to refill it safely at the LPG station. Once liquid gas reaches the level of 80% the gun will cut-off.

Safe filling of LPG throughout Europe

An external filling point and adapter kit allow you to avoid the problems you face when using conventional cylinders, such as different valves or regulators. GasBank can be refilled at any LPG station across the Europe.


80% weight reduction compared to steel. No maintenance required (no corrosion, no painting). Fully recyclable (the only composite technology that offers this).


  • Super lightweight - only 4kg empty
  • Maintenance-free - external filling point on body, no disconnecting
  • Slim design (230mm diameter)
  • The sleek design complements any campervan, caravan, or motorhome
  • Extremely durable Kevlar construction
  • Rust-proof
  • Overfill protection for safety - 80% shut-off valve
  • Refillable at LPG station in the UK and Europe
  • Eco-friendly: 71% lower CO2 emissions and 100% recyclable

Bottle specification

GasBank SLIM Duo5kg 
Height (mm) 495
Diameter (mm) 230
Empty Weight (kg) 4.1
LPG Capacity (approx litres) 9.76
Propane Capacity (kg) 5
Water Content (L) 12.2

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