ALKO AKS3004 Hitch Stabiliser - Retail Boxed

  • Suppresses the initial signs of caravan instability
  • Improves ride comfort
  • Includes towball and towball cover

Four specially designed friction pads work to effectively suppress the initial signs of caravan instability and snaking movements, providing excellent ride comfort for your car and caravan combination. The AKS 3004 stabiliser pack also includes an extended neck towball (to ensure you are using the correct towball for the stabiliser), towball cover and all necessary fixings. Ensure towball is clean, dry and free of paint and grease.


  • Towball must be clean, dry and free from paint and grease.

Suitable for use with:

  • AL-KO Extended Neck Towball

Not suitable for use with:

  • Overrun devices which can revolve above 25°
  • BPW overruns fitted with gas strut handbrakes from 2001 model year onwards
  • A 45mm shaft.

Kit Contents

  • AKS 3004 stabiliser
  • Safety ball
  • Towball
  • Towball cover
  • All necessary fixings
  • Instruction manual